The Truck

SOLD, unfortunately

The idee, traveling by car round the world, accompanied me from early youth. A VW bus or a Landy, that was the idea. When I told them my wife, she was impressed by the idea, but not on the size of the car, a real bath and bed, it's a must. So I started to focus on doing the right truck. Free of electronics and it should be robust, secure supply of spare parts as possible worldwide. My choice was the famous Mercedes "Rundhauber", I found  the car at  Fabian Heidtmann .

The case should be replaced by a glass fibre box. So we visited Herbert Fuess, who let me drive his 1017 he has built up just for his South American trip and convinced me that the 1017 is the better for our purposes. So the Rundhauber was sold to Holland (the buyer drove it to China!) and I went on a search for a 1017. After more than a year, I found a suitable car, an ex-police car with only 40000km on the clock.

In parallel to the search for the car, the search began for a suitable supplier for the box  and the search for the best layout for us. After we had between the North Sea coast (The Fehntjer) and Alpine (Action Mobil) scoured almost all vendors, we were convinced to do it as Klaus Schier to look for a manufacture of refrigerated trucks, and someone who does the interior. We found the company Wilke , the interior went to Sybilla Bögel of CARmaeleon and electrics made ​​my current friend Michael Bartels of Bartels Yachttechnik . And of course many hours we are put into the project.

The platform we sold and the chassis was restored by the Hartmann in Hanover

Photos from the construction phase:

On the way to Wilke
Michaels work

Kitchen, bed and cabinet

Seats (changeable to bed)  and table
restroom with shower
The first test trip went in October 2006 to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland return to Hanover and brought the awarness that the pressure of water pump and the pressure relief valve of the hot water boiler, a pressure reducer solved the problem later on.
cold days in Krakow

The next trip in 2007 went to Venice, and from there to the ferry to Igoumenitsa in Greece and then to Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria and Hanover. This trip was absolutely without problems.

The last trip before the big trip took us over Rostock to Trelleborg. From there up to Kiruna in Sweden, then Narvick, Vesteralen, Lofoten, Geiranger fjord, Dalsland Canal, Denmark returned to Hanover. Only a leaking diesel pipe was a little trouble.
at the Black Sea

on a ferry on the Danube river

in Norway
Traces of the Dempster Highway


Color RAL 1032 Broom Yellow
MB Type 1017A, Model 380
Built in 1981
44,000 km on the purchase
Motor OM352A
Transmission G3/60-5/7, 5 five-speed
VG500 transfer case with reduction of 1.6 with lock
All-wheel drive can be activated
Differential lock at the rear axle
Freehub AVM front axle
Tyres 385/65R22, 5. XZY3
Since autumn 2015, Michelin XZL are mounted in size 365 / 85R20 on sprengring rims, tubeless. Both tire sizes are registered.
Engine power approx 200hp (optimized ESP)
Consumption between 19 and? Litres/100km (12miles/gallon and less)
Tank capacity 600ltr spread over 2 tanks with 200 (left) and 400ltr (right)
Manual switching from tank and fuel gauge
Diesel filter (Separ) with water trap, heated
Diesel filter heated
Specified high air intake filter with cyclone
2 fog lights under the bumper
2 wide beam on the roof of the cab, 2 wide spotlight on the roof of the cab
Compressed air horn, ignition to operate independently
Rockfall protection from the headlights
3 Air suspension Recaro seats, heated and ventilated
220V in the cab
Rev counter
Outdoor / indoor thermometer
Cruise control
Controlled radio with CD player and iPod connection, 2 boxes for driver, 2 boxes for passenger volume by environment microphone.
2 reading lights
2 additional lights for the rear area
1 red light
1 storage box behind the passenger seat
Storage pockets behind the front passenger and driver seat
Slip through  behind center seat
Door locks on both doors, keyed alike with box doors / hatches
Cab with isolated Trocelen


Outer dimensions
Length: 4800 mm, 4690 mm inside
Width: 2350 mm, 2240 mm inside
Height: 2274 mm, 2100 mm inside

Case walls and roof:

Ouside 3mm fiberglass, fiber reinforced,
50 mm PU foam
Inside 2mm fiberglass
In the walls aluminum sheets incorporated where furniture is mounted
Outside corner angles 160 x 160 mm glued entire area
Interior angle 50x50 glued
All transitions angle plate with adhesive grouted
All power cables in conduits installed.

Trunk floor structure from top to bottom:
2 mm fiberglass
12 mm film coated plywood AW100
100 mm PU foam
3 mm coated plywood AW100
2 mm fiberglass

Subframe: U-section side members 160 mm, cross members, all Galvanized
Subframe to vehicle:
Before and behind the rear axle bearing, connected to the rear thrust-proof.
Behind the cab spring attachment (plate spring) with 120 mm travel. Stops to prevent lateral thrust on the spring mounting

Entrance door: Step profile with seal
Push rod lock with 3-point locking system
Lock cylinder in the locking system with cover
Recessed handle
Stainless steel handle, outside, white inside Hewi
Rain progress bar on door
Door stop
Stainless steel bar under door

Rear bed integrated into the case.
Bad integrated into the boot

2 tailgate with gas struts, hinged at top, stepped profile with seal
Push rod lock with 2-point locking
Lock cylinder in the locking system with cover
Recessed handle in stainless steel
Rain Progressbar over flap

Windows: windows with stepped profile, it installed windows Seitz S4

Window flap rear window: stainless steel lid with gas struts in front rear windows, painted in color box.

Door through to the cab:
Step profile with seals
Lock cylinder with lock system
Handle inside sunk

Connecting cab to trailer:

Cab-side opening with frame thereon sealing strips (finger guard profil) which are pressed during the tilting of the cab to the box. On stainless steel case glued on which the seals can when twisting slide well.
Breakthrough closed cab with side panel
Entrance stairs extensible
3 storage boxes made of aluminum sheet under the outside of the box.

Rear carrier:
The vehicle frame to accommodate a spare wheel
Spare tire with retractable auxiliary device
Motorcycle carrier lowered with 150 kg load capacity, removable

Rotating stainless steel roof rack with cross bars from the roof openings as branch guard for skylights and solar panels.
Perforated metal sheets on the roof hatches can be screwed as hail on the railing.
3 roof hatches, one above the stove with a fan as Dunstabazug.
3 ceiling lamps

Outdoor light on front door

Thetford C400 cassette toilet

Waste water tank insulated and heated stainless steel 180ltr


Fixed bed 140x200cm, cold foam mattres ventilated and heated
Extractable tread / drawer as step to bed

The development consists of a robust formica coated, waterproof glued multiplex panel with edge foil teak, the teak countertops are 3cm in thickness. Hinges and other fittings are stainless steel. Latches on all doors, flaps and drawers.

The tall cabinet has a 3-point cylinder rod lock latch and holds 900L of storage space, which is divided with quickly removable plastic boxes or can optionally be used for hanging garments.
The bed is achieved via a pull as a step drawer under the bed pedestal
The upholstery of the seats is made of very high quality cold foam with real leather upholstery, - the sofa can be converted into an extra bed.
Floor: ground-ship deck teak bar with black seams, removable for maintenance cases, underfloor heating.

Technology and Equipment:
  • 3-burner gas cooker
  • automatic gas switchover for 2 gas bottles per 11kg
  • Gas alarm incl anesthetic Warner
  • 3 Smoke warner
  • Gas oven with grill
  • Compressor refrigerator 60 L
  • Compressor cooling drawer 40 L for freezing
  • Venting of the oven and refrigerators using thermostatically controlled fan
  • Hot-cold water mixer tap, separate tap for removing sterilized water
  • Stainless steel sink, drain into sewage tank underfloor
  • Waste drawer with 2 buckets
  • small additional bins in work surface
  • At full extension drawers for dishes etc.
  • Cutlery tray with partitions
  • Stainless steel work surface hinged
  • Seagull water filter
  • round, polished stainless steel sink in real wood teak, drain into sewage tank underfloor
  • Built-in cassette toilet, draining from the outside
  • SOG toilet ventilation
  • 25L hot water boiler Elgena Nauthic Therm heated by coolant circuit / water heater, electric heating with 220V possible
  • 2 electronically controlled pressure water pumps - one for fresh water and one as a spare and for filling the fresh water tank from hard to reach sources / if no active water source is available.
  • Shower with pre-
  • Upper cabinet with mirrored doors
Other living room:
  • Underfloor heating in the kitchen and under the bed
  • Towel rail / radiator in the bathroom and living area
  • Heating system with 5-way valve with cooling water or a separate water heater heated, pre-selectable via thermostat, additional heat exchanger blower for fast heating.
  • Fresh water tank with 2 cleaning openings in the podium, approximately 300L.
  • large battery bank in the right seat, about 720 Ah with sophisticated charging technology for all input voltages, shore power, solar panels, large monitoring and control panel on the podium
  • Power Inverter 12V-> 220V power with 2kw
  • "Flying" transformer to convert from 110V to 220V, 1.5 kw
  • flexible battens under mattress
  • Reading lamps on the bed and the seat, additional ceiling lights, indirect lighting over kitchen work surface, outdoor lamp
  • Bookshelves on the bed and over the table
  • Radio on the table with Ipod connection
  • vari-angle table
  • Seats convertible to bed (120 x 200 cm)
  • Warm air heating Webasto diesel 2kw with altitude kit
  • Hot water heater 5kw diesel Ebesrspächer with altitude kit for housing and motor
  • Connection of the heater to the engine cycle

We are often asked how we came up with the yellow color for the car. Jim Rogers has brought us to the idea. He has found that this color has a positive in all cultures. He on his impressive world tour had so few problems, he goes back on the color choice.

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